What is Wave of a Lifetime?

Wave of a Lifetime is a unique surfing experience like no other.

Learn to surf better with some of the world’s best surfers. An intimate and personal way to have your surf critiqued to help take your surfing to the next level! Wave of a Lifetime was created with one mission in mind, progress your craft!

“Wave of a lifetime is unique , like no other. Progress your surfing with some of the worlds best surfers. An intimate and personal way to review your surfing and critiqued by my team who I have personally chosen for their dedication to their craft and their unique gifts they bring to the sport that will bring your surfing to the next level. Wave of a lifetime was created with one mission in mind, to progress your craft.”

Dean Dingo Morrison

Meet your coaches

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Mick Fanning

Mick will teach you how to generate more speed and the power of rotation.

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Joel Parkinson

Joel can progress you on your style and flow like no other.
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Koa Rothman

Koa’s insight will help push you beyond your limits.

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Albee Layer

Albee’s analysis of where and when to launch will improve your aerial game.

Dean 'Dingo' Morrison - Head Coach

Dean Dingo Morrison was practically born in the ocean and started competing at age 9. He was Quiksilver Pro Champion on his home turf in 2003 and qualified for the WSL in 2001 to 2010. Morrison was runner-up in the Pipe Masters of 2006 and a XXL Big Wave Surfer nominee in 2014.

He has had numerous top 10 finishes in the WSL and was World Junior Champion in 1998. Morrison grew up with two fellow Cooley kids, Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson and the trio are known all over the world as they progressed from Junior Champions to qualifying on a world stage.

If you want to go far beyond what you thought you were capable of within your own surfing ability, this is for you. Have one of the finest professional surfing champion turned big wave surfer, coach you physically and mentally in order to surf to the best of your ability. ​

Morrison embraces challenge and he wants to continually push the limits of the sport and of himself with you. From a professional surfing champion to big wave hunter, Morrison is keen to share his knowledge with you and get you that ‘wave of a lifetime’ no matter where in the world that is.

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Career Highlights

World Junior Champion – 1998
Quiksilver Pro Champion – 2003
Pipe Masters
Pipe Masters Runner Up – 2006
XXL Big Wave Nominee – 2014