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A Surfing Experience Like No Other. Surf Better, Faster.

Wave of a Lifetime is a unique surfing experience like no other.

Learn to surf better with some of the world’s best surfers. An intimate and personal way to connect with some of the world’s best surfer to help you take your surfing to the next level! 

Featuring online tutorials in the library and academy, digital coaching, where you can upload your video and have it critiqued by your  favourite surfer to the one-on-one sessions,  The Wave of a Lifetime was created with one mission in mind, progress your craft!

Free Videos from the Library

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Mick Fanning - 1.5-Metre Technique

In this tutorial, Mick Fanning talks about the 1.5-metre circle technique. 

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Joel Parkinson - Flow

In this tutorial, Joel Parkinson talks about chasing growing up with flow. 

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Koa Rothman - Facing Fear

In this video, Koa Rothman talks about crazy breakthrough wave with Liard in Tahiti.
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Albee Layer - Going for Airs

In this tutorial, Albee Layer talks about technical advice on where to be on a wave when going for an air.

Dean Morrison 2

A unique experience that will get you to the next level towards becoming the best surfer you can be. If you feel like you want to get better but don’t know exactly how to do it, then this is for you. My goal is to give you the tools and the technique required to unlock your surfing potential whilst putting you in the right position wave after wave. With close analysis, you will improve a lot faster.”

Dean Dingo Morrison

Free Video from the Academy

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Dean Morrison - Advanced Tube Riding

In this surfing tutorial by Dean ‘Dingo’ Morrison, he talks about advanced tube riding.

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