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Your personal surf coach, Dean Morrison

My mission is for you to find a wave of a lifetime; our sessions are designed for your surfing to improve as quickly as possible. We get away from the crowds and create a space for an intensive dive into your learning journey as a surfer. 

Each 2-hour session is designed to build your strengths and iron out the wrinkles in your surfing. With the use of a jet ski, we are able to pack 30-50 waves into a session and provide live feedback as you go. At this intensity, your development is accelerated. One session with me compares to months of traditional lessons. 

In your sessions, we will work on your technique in a way that tailored to goals and style. We don’t forget stoke and value-creating a fun and adventurous environment for you. 

The learning doesn’t stop when the lesson is over post session video analysis looks at your waves frame by frame to strengthen your development and get to the next level. 

My passion is surfing and is the air I breathe. 

I am excited to share this unique experience with you; I know that this formula will help you develop exponentially so that we can help you find a wave of a lifetime.

Start improving your surfing today – book your next session below.

90 Mins One-On-One (For Beginners Only)

A private one on one surfing lesson where nothing is off-limits. These beginner lessons will help you with all the core foundations of surfing and understanding the ocean. I’m in the water with you helping you get waves.

2 Hour Surf Lesson With Jet Ski

For the intermediate and the elite, this is my personal surf program where I spend intimate time with you on my ski; I teach you how to step off the ski, I put you in the best position on every wave, I guarantee 30-50 waves per session, I’m watching and tweaking every aspect of your surfing ability with a focus on developing you into a professional surfer mindset.

Trip of a Lifetime

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, an intermediate or experienced surfer. I will come with you to your dream destination, and I will spend full days with you and your crew coaching you all to unlock your surfing potential. I provide video analysis after every surf, possible jet ski usage at select destinations.