90 Mins One-On-One (For Beginners Only)

90 Mins One-On-One (For Beginners Only)
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A private one on one surfing lesson where nothing is off-limits. These beginner lessons will help you with all the core foundations of surfing and understanding the ocean. I’m in the water with you helping you get waves.

The structure of the one on one session is based on what you want to work on and how far you wish to go based on an assessment of your ability.

We provide surf boards (or you can bring your own), wetsuits and all safety equipment.

The real goal of the intense one on one session is to take you beyond your comfort zone and to your enjoy yourself. Receive the information necessary to improve and become the best surfer you can be. We want to get you to the next level safely both physically and mentally.

It is guaranteed to get you closer to your goal of shredding and getting all you can out of your ability.

There is an extra fee of $200.00 AUD for use of jet ski during the one on one session if requested.

Filmer and/or videographer for film analysis are included.

For clarity, a total price will be advised at time of booking and payment is required before session start date.



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