Houseboat Tour

Houseboat Tour


Join us on a houseboat headed to Surf uncrowded waves on the Gold Coast with 3 exceptional days of surfing. 

Stepping off the ski and getting live feedback from myself, Tom Carrol and Joel Parkinson to make sure you’ll improve wave by wave and get your surfing to another level.

With a chef on board, you will be eating amazing meals whilst analysing the footage straight after each session to get back out there and help you find the wave of a lifetime before we head back out to do it all again!

Tom Carroll will be there to provide guided meditation and help you understand the mind. Our goal is to get you the best waves over 3 days, taking you to the next level! 

Joel Parkinson will also join us for a day to share his wisdom and provide you with tips on how to get to the next level.

Temperature: Tropical
Waves: Beach breaks of 3 to 5ft, lefts and rights
Accommodation: Luxurious House Boat
Included: Video analysis at the end of each day to understand what to improve the following day.

There’s a limited amount of spots as we want to keep them personal and individualised for each person’s development.

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